Apr 19, 2021

2 min read

A Charity You Should Know About

While the pandemic has been hard for all of us, it has been exceptionally hard for some.

Loss of livelihood, separation of families, limited resources, economy rundown has affected us all in different ways. For some, it may be not being able to go out and enjoy the fancy eateries or not being able to take a stroll in the park, while for others it may be way beyond the whims and fancies of life.

While some of us can work at the comfort of our sweet home, for others there is no other way but to go out and about to make a living. Not that we can turn around the situation in a day, but we can all try our best to provide help however we can, while maintaining social distancing and following guidelines of course.

For example, in these tough times, we can still pay our domestic helpers, for it is even more challenging to sit at home with no source of income. We can try arranging for some meals through feeding foundations or leveraging the use of food delivery apps. Donating through mobile apps hardly takes a few seconds, but these small donations can make a huge impact to those in critical need. While some of us don’t suffer much as we have the option to stay at home, there are millions out there with no food and shelter, trying to merely survive the repercussions of lockdown.

Lockdown, yet again, has happened due to sheer negligence of those who can’t help but going out to live their days like it’s their last (pun intended), well , in some cases by not wearing masks and by not following the basic principle of social distancing. This ignorant behavior has undoubtedly worsened the situation.

In this difficult time, we must all contribute our bit by helping out those in immediate need in whichever way possible. Following the regulated guidelines, donating to pandemic relief foundations, providing some resources to the everyday helpers, all while remaining indoors and having the basic sense of what not to do during a crisis, can go a long way to help contain the spread of virus. For they rightly say, charity begins at home.