All the working professionals out there, please ask yourself…what exactly do you interpret by the term “work life balance”?

If your answer is working 8 hours every weekday followed by good 2 days of unsolicited break, then you are far from realizing its true meaning.

Work life balance may involve…

Working or not, or while taking long breaks in between work…how do you spend the time is really important.

I’m sure you’ve had days when you felt unproductive and tired. You feel like there's nothing interesting to do and you look out to for opportunities to call it a day.

Or an hour, or days, probably even an year if you have to.

With our daily quest to hustle and grind and tread on a path of what we call a “productive day”, we often lose our mental balance and end up feeling stressed out.

Never ending meetings and busy…

While the pandemic has been hard for all of us, it has been exceptionally hard for some.

Loss of livelihood, separation of families, limited resources, economy rundown has affected us all in different ways. For some, it may be not being able to go out and enjoy the fancy eateries…


Welcome to my world where I share thoughts and perspective in spaces such as tech, innovation, management and views on present situations around the world.

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